October Fundraising Events

Hello families,

October is our grand entrance into the season of planning, saving, and soliciting. Make a goal of setting aside about $100 a month towards the big trip. Plus, join us in the following efforts that help reduce the price for your student and for the overall trip:

I. Big Band Gala Planning: hep us distribute solicitation_letters for the silent auction donations. We will host “canvassing parties,” during which we visit businesses in a given neighborhood.

(1) Our first party is this Saturday, October 7, 10am at Village Green (Kingston) done by 12 for lunch. Hosted by Laura Upton. Contact us at kingstonmsbb@gmail.com to join her.

(2) Tuesday, October 10, 10:00 am – noon hosted by Tami Palsrok in Silverdale. Contact us at kingstonmsbb@gmail.com or her directly at mocha.246@hotmail.com to join.  If you prefer to approach companies individually that’s fantastic! Just let us know, so that we can create a list .

II. Wednesday, October 11 – McTakeOver 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

III. See’s Candy Site Sales – individual fundraiser

Weekend, October 14-15 – Walmart (Poulsbo)

Weekend, October 21-22 – Food Market (Kingston)

Weekend, October 28-29 – Kingston Ferry Terminal

Sunday, October 29 – Walmart

Choose from the following options to reserve a slot:
– call Holly at  240-422-3303
– email Holly at  hollyrt@yahoo.com



Big Band Gala

Master-FlyerHello amazing families, I mean boosters! As you know, we are trying to raise as much money this school year as we can, which will help us offset the overall cost of the proposed Disney trip.

Big Band Gala has the potential to bring $5,000.00 plus and this is only one reason we should make this event a success, along with bringing back the community party into our worlds. So here is what we have so far, and before inundating you with too many details a huge “ask” – SILENT AUCTION DONATIONS!

  • Yes you can! Whip up that grandma’s secret apple pie, pumpkin pie, any pie!
  • Have free time? Donate a skill!
  • Know someone from Google headquarters? Grub Hut? Any local business? Help us approach them by delivering the solicitation letter. We will it available signed in the next couple of days. Feel free to distribute, just lest us know which businesses you are planning to approach, in an effort to avoid duplicate requests. Email us at kingstonmsbb@gmail.com 

Now, the juicy details:

What: music (Buz Whiteley Big Band in collaboration with KMS Band), dance, silent auction, refreshments. Price $25

When: Saturday, December 9 6:00 – 10:00 pm

Who: 300 people, North Kitsap community (that does mean you too, dancing!)

Where: Kingston Middle School, reservation confirmed

Contact us: the second Gala committee meeting is on Tuesday, October 3 at 6:00 pm.

Email us: kingstonmsbb@gmail.com

Thank you!

Back to Band Booster BBQ Bash

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Tuesday, September 12th

4pm to 7pm

Burgers and hot dogs will be served at 6

Come out and meet band families, get involved with the latest band updates, celebrate a new musical year, and get your student’s musical supplies.
We will be serving burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings.
Returning families, please bring a salad or desert to share and
send us a quick note to let us know you’re coming.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Please email with any questions kingstonmsbb@gmail.com

Proposed Disney Trip 2018

Hello families of Kingston Middle School Band! Let us get straight to it – the most anticipated, at least by the students, event of the next school year is the proposed Disney trip! It will take place over the Memorial Day weekend, Friday, May 25 through Monday, May 28, 2018. Is it too early to start planning? We think not.  

We don’t exaggerate saying it will take each one of us to make it happen. Two years ago the per-student cost was around $700. The prices have gone up, and so far the tireless work of Trisha Torres, our trip  coordinator, confirms our rough estimate of $1000 cost per student. But don’t fret, from setting up a plan of contributing about $125 per month to your child’s trip account, to taking advantage of our numerous fundraisers, you and your student(s) will actually enjoy participating in the fundraising activities!

Additionally, this trip will not happen without allocating funds for transporting the instruments and recruiting enough chaperons. You may recall that we struggled to have enough chaperones for the Victoria trip this spring, but thanks to the selfless contribution of personal finances and time of about 30 parents and family members we pulled it off. This year we have an ambitious goal to, if not eliminate, then at least minimise the cost for chaperones.

To implement this plan we will have a number of fundraising events that will be divided into individual/personal, and general funds. The list is posted under downloads and updated periodically. You will notice that most of these need coordinators. Please take a look at what we have so far, and get back to us with your offers and insight.

You are the core of this operation and we count on you!

Many Thanks!

This May, Kingston Middle School Cavalier Marching Corps took third place in the High School Division (as a middle school!) in Victoria Day Parade  (“Organizers release results of 119th Victoria day parade”, May 23rd). Last year we won the Judges Overall Band Award (of all High School and Middle School bands) and were asked to be the guest lead-off band to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Quite an honor to represent Kingston and North Kitsap School District, but the trip would not have happened without the support of our local community and countless generous donations that helped fund this operation.

These trips mean so much to the children who learn not only the beautiful music, but the sense of belonging to the community, from the first bundle of dollars in their “donations” jar, to their school, town, and even country announced as they proudly march. In today’s financial uncertainty some schools choose to discontinue their music programs and families hesitate to enroll their children, concerned that they may not be able to afford the instrument rental let alone the band trips. This is why we the parents of KMS Marching Corps, are grateful for your support and for keeping the music education strong in our community.

As we start planning our next year activities and setting goals for the Band Boosters, we would like to focus on strengthening our community ties, inviting you to the seasonal school concerts and organizing community performances. Please visit, call, or otherwise reach out with any comments and suggestions. We would love to hear from you! Once again, we thank you for your support and hope we can count on it this school year and many more.

Musically yours, Kingston Middle School Band Boosters


KMS Band in Victoria BC, Canada. May 21, 2017